OPtics by Mainframe. Yeah they're "OP"!

OPtics by Mainframe. Yeah they're

If you're spending countless hours owning your opponents in game or at work, then you need to protect your eyes. We live in an age where looking at digital devices is part of our everyday life. Computers, tablets, TV's and phone screens emit harmful artificial blue light that can cause headaches, blurred vision, eyestrain and red eyes. The long term effects can be even worse. Because short-wavelength, high energy blue light scatters more easily than other visible light, it is not as easily focused. When you're looking at computer screens and other digital devices that emit significant amounts of blue light, this unfocused visual "noise" reduces contrast and can contribute to digital eye strain. Digital eye strain is on the rise, gamers need to be more proactive than ever in the battle to save their vision. Here at mainframe we didn't waste a moment producing high quality, stylish computer glasses at a great price.

Red eyes? That's still a thing? Not with OPtics by Mainframe. Console or PC it doesn't matter. Get your game under control. Headshot those headaches! Game longer with OPtics. Read on...

We wanted OPtics to blend fashion and tech in a way that looked and felt great. We designed a beautiful frame that fits comfortably with headphones and cut out the over-the-top yellow tint. What we ended up with were OP gaming glasses that obliterate harmful blue light. These are the most comfortable, stylish and affordable gaming glasses I've ever used. I really believe in and stand by their performance. In fact I don't work or game with out them. 

OPtics were designed with you in mind. Just like you, we said, "we would rather spend our money on games and other hardware than pay for glasses that cost the same as an Xbox 1 or PS4!". So we priced them to be super affordable. We did this by cutting out the middle man and letting you order them directly from our website. Stop paying the other guys $80 - $400 for gaming glasses. Order your OPtics today for just $39.99 plus free shipping!

You will love OPtics. They really are "OP". I can't wait for you to try them. Thanks for your support. The team at Mainframe is excited to continue to bring cool and innovated products to gaming and eSports. Thanks for spreading our message and allowing us to build, with you, a brand that we as gamers can call our own!

We couldn't do it with out you! 

- Josh