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1. First off, we have to always ask, tell us what was the first game you ever played? 

The first game I every played was Mortal Combat on the Sega Genesis. That was my first console and I remember playing it all the time.

2. What was your first cosplay? 
My first cosplay was Batgirl at Fanime 2015! It was my first time working with EVA foam and looking back on it now, it actually wasn't too bad. 

3. What is it about cosplay that draws you in?
Just about everything about cosplay draws me to it. I love the creative aspects and being able to create costumes and props, and I love the community. It's so much fun to meet people at conventions who love the same things you do and are equally as excited about them.

4. Do you ever cosplay anything outside of games like anime or movies?
Yes! I do a lot of anime and comic book related cosplays! I'd say I have an equal amount of gaming, anime, and comic book related cosplays.

5. What's the craziest thing that's ever happened to you while cosplaying? 
I think one of the craziest things that's ever happened was someone recognizing who I am. I'm such a small figure in the cosplay community and it was such an incredible feeling to have not only someone recognize me but then proceed to tell me that I inspire them. 

6. Where do you see cosplay going now that gaming and esports is stepping into the lime light? 
I think that it will still stay prevalent and can even somehow be incorporated into eSports with promotional work and such.

7. What's the biggest challenge to you as a cosplayer? 
One of the biggest challenges I face is not only making the costumes and working with new materials, but also dealing with negativity. It's hard to separate yourself and realize that not everyone is going to like your work and to not let negative comments get you down.

8. Where is the coolest place around the world that cosplaying has ever taken you? 
I'm still new to the cosplay community, so I've only gone to conventions and off site places in California. But, one of the most interesting places it's taken was Treasure Island in San Francisco.

9. How old were you when you started cosplay and when did you first realize that you wanted to do it? 
I was 19 when I first learned about cosplay and 21 when I finally started cosplaying. It took me a while to get into it because I thought that I wasn't cool or qualified enough to do it.

10. Whats your favorite con and whats your next con?
My favorite convention is definitely Fanime. It's the first convention I ever cosplayed at, it's in my hometown, and as a convention it is so much fun.

11. What is about the Mainframe brand that you like? And what would you like to see us do next?
I love what Mainframe stands for! The idea of "We come from all walks of life but we share the common bond that gaming is more than just a play style, its a lifestyle." is something that really resonates with me. I love the direction Mainframe is going in, but it would be cool to see a Mainframe hosted gaming tournament!

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