Health, Mana & Damage

Health, Mana & Damage

Damage Mana and Health Hat

Play almost any game and you'll see why we went with these three names as part of our SnapBack collection. Whether you play RPG's, FPS or dungeon crawlers, you know that your health, mana and / or the amount of damage you put out, plays a vital part in your overall success. 

At Mainframe we love designing elements of the games we are passionate about and incorporating those into the clothes we wear. We decided to take a simplistic approach to this collection and we are happy with the results. The Health, Mana & Damage collection signals to others in our underground movement, who you are, what you love and how you express yourself. 

Gamer fashion is here and Mainframe is the place to find the most creative, gamer focused apparel. We love the response we've received so far and we are grateful for the love. Net time you see someone on the street wearing Mainframe, walk up to them and ask what they are playing atm. 

GG - Josh