INSIDE Project X: Gaming Hoodie and Jogger


 The Ultimate Lounge Wear for Gamers, Streamers and Digital Creators: Fashion forward, ultra comfortable and built for gaming utility.  Say hello to Project X. The first of it's kind, Gaming Lounge Wear. A hoodie packed with utility for Gamers & Streamers and a comfortable jogger to match. So comfortable and fashionable you’ll never want to take it off. 

 Project X Lounge Wear was designed specifically for our digital age of gaming and streaming. Utility x comfort x fashion. Pledge today! 

Mesh Audio Panels allow you to game & stream with unobstructed sound quality. Never before has there been a hood tailored specifically to your headphone needs. Stay cozy while clearly hearing your opponent's every move.

A larger than normal hood enables you to comfortably wear your hood on and headphones under. You choose how you want to style it. Get lost in your hood and feel like your raiding a dungeon while doing it.  

 A kangaroo pocket keeps all of your loot secure in game or on the go. Throw in a Nintendo Switch, a controller, a phone or some snacks. What ever you decide, the kangaroo pocket has you covered. 

 Quilted forearms for comfortable desk top & arm chair gaming, streaming or everyday digital work. Pull the sleeves up slightly to pad your wrists or relax your forearms in your gaming chair.   

Breathable Mesh Paneling to keep you cool. This Hoodie is made to keep you warm when you're cold and cool when you're hot. It's so comfortable you won't take it off. 

 Zipper Pockets that keep all your loot secure. Nothing falls out of these pockets while at home, traveling or on the go. 

 Cinched Cuffed Sleeve & Jogger. Pull your sleeves up and they stay up without sliding down while console gaming. Stay warm during tournaments and when it's go time, pull up the cinched sleeves.