Interview with Pro Heroes of the Storm Player Casanova

Interview with Pro Heroes of the Storm Player Casanova
A few weeks ago, I was able to catch up with a friend and professional Heroes of the Storm Player, Skylar Mulder. Skylar recently qualified with his team, No Tomorrow, for the HGC, the professional Heroes of the Storm Circuit. I was grateful for the time and insight he shared in the interview.

How did you get your IGN?
People always think there is some big story or reason for my IGN but its actually just part of my full given name and my mother's last name.

What game do you play and for which team?
I play Heroes of the Storm professionally for No Tomorrow

How long have you been playing video games for?
I have been playing video games since I was 5 years old. PC gaming since I was 8 and I started playing strategy games with chess when i was 3.

How did you get into competitive gaming?
Initially it was by accident when I was asked to play in a league of legends tournament with some people from my high school. I immediately fell in love the the scene and how inclusive it was. It was like an escape from the real world.

Why HotS?
I switch from League of Legends to HoTS last year for Heroes of the Dorm. After my teams set vs ASU in a side collegiate event called collegiate Colosseum I was approached by Mike Udall and Akaface who said I had a lot of potential to go pro. And so I did.

Who is your favorite hero?
My favorite hero is probably Kerrigan or Zeratul because I think they are of a small pool of heroes in HoTS that allow you to make the biggest flashiest plays.

What games do you enjoy besides HotS?
Recently I haven't been playing anything other than HoTS but i still enjoy playing LoL and will occasionally pick up an MMORPG to play as that is actually my favorite genre of game. I also play a lot of Super Smash Brothers: Melee with my friends.

What do you like to do besides video games?
Mainly outside of games I just spend time with my friends but a lot of the time that just leads to us playing video games. I used to breakdance as well but with how much time I commit to playing professionally I haven't found a good balance to do much else.

What does a basic day of a pro gamer look like?
A lot of HoTS, usually I'll wake up get ready and then play HL for about four hours until scrims, then we have four to six hours of scrims followed by replays or additional HL. Any time in between is used for meals or doing something to decompress like watching a tv show or meditating.

Best success as a gamer?
My greatest success was qualifying for the HGC and being validated as an actual professional.

Worst failure as a gamer?
I don't like to think of things as failures as much as setbacks. To me failing stops progress but I tried to never let the lack of success stop me from chasing my dream. Currently I'd say our results so far in the league are the most disappointing but it's not going to stop me from continuing to be the best player I can be.

Tips for those that want to go pro: Becoming a pro player really comes down to two things. Talent and dedication, if you're good you need to work your ass off to hone what you do and become the best form of yourself. If you lack some of the talent you have to work even harder than those with natural talent are working. I hate the cliche of just work hard but really that's all there is to it. Work hard and don't let anyone stop you.
You can find Casanova on any of these social media platforms.
Twitter: @CasanovaHOTS
Twitch:  twitch.tv/CasanovaHOTS