Interview with Pro SSBM Player Ammon "Ka-master" Styles

Interview with Pro SSBM Player Ammon

The other day I was able to catch up with pro Super Smash Bros. Melee player Ammon "Ka-master" Styles, newly acquired by Entropy Gaming. Ammon is globally ranked in the top 100 and is arguably the best Luigi in the world.

Thanks for sitting down and talking with me. How did you get your IGN and what does it mean?

I made the name up when I was 15 years old. I got the “Ka” from an old Nickelodean cartoon called “KaBlam!” and the master part from a strong desire to prove myself a master of Luigi, haha. Like I said, I was 15 when I made the name.

What game do you play and for which team?

I’m deeply in love with Super Smash Bros. Melee, and I just recently got picked up by Entropy gaming! 

How long have you been playing video games for?

I’ve been playing video games in general since I was probably 6 years old. I’ve always had a fascination with video games; they really provided me a unique outlet for expressing my creative talent and imagination, and I quickly got very absorbed into them because of that reason. 

How did you get into competitive gaming? 

I never had a real goal to get into competitive gaming honestly, I didn’t even know it existed for a long time. I grew up with 4 older brothers though and we were naturally competitive when it came to doing any activity together, especially gaming! So, between my older brother and a couple highly competitive friends I had back in high-school, I became more and more fascinated in the idea of competitive smash, which lead me to my first tournament back in Washington.

Why SSBM, what is so great about melee as opposed to smash 4?

I could go into great detail on this, but I’ll suffice it to say that I love the very fundamentals of Melee more than anything. I could spend hours playing the game by myself because there’s so much you can do. The movement of one character alone requires years to fully master, it’s incredible! The game’s speed and intensity are also huge factors for which I prefer it to Smash 4. At top level play, the reaction speed you need to have is almost inhuman, but pushing yourself to see how close you can get to that level is incredibly rewarding in the end, trust me.

What games do you enjoy besides SSBM?

I have enjoyed TONS of games in the past. I love classic RPGs, like Super Mario RPG, Secret of Mana, Star Ocean and others. I also really enjoy a few 2D fighters like Guilty Gear and the MVC series. I was super into Dance Dance Revolution as well, I could play that game for hours haha. To sum it up though, I have a wide variety of games I’ve really enjoyed.

What do you like to do besides video games?

I’ve taken up snowboarding this past year again, I stopped for a few years after breaking some bones haha. I love it though! I also enjoy playing piano, going to church, hanging out with good friends and watching anime.

What does a basic day of a pro gamer look like?

While I can’t say how it is for other games besides smash, there’s actually a lot of patience involved in pro gaming. A typical day of a smash tournament consists of playing a bit warm up matches with friends, waiting for matches to be played, playing your match every now and then, and talking with friends and giving/receiving advice from other players. Despite how easy it might sound, tournaments are often extremely mentally tasking and I often feel totally sapped of energy by the time they’re finally over. They are amazing though! I can’t get enough of them, haha.

Best success as a gamer?

I’d say most recently was my success of getting picked up by Entropy! It’s been a great privilege for me to be part of their team.

Tips for those that want to go pro

Find a way to love the game you want to be a pro in. If you really love playing the game, improvement comes quickly and dramatically. Find a couple good friends who also love the game and want to become good. Spend lots of time playing the game outside of tournaments and competitive events. Even when I didn’t play smash competitively, I always played it for fun, and I believe that really helped me solidify a lot of my fundamental abilities.

Thanks again, Ammon. Good luck in your future tournaments.


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