Q&A Gamer / Cosplayer: FakeNerdBoy

Q&A Gamer / Cosplayer: FakeNerdBoy
1. First off, we have to always ask, tell us about how the name FNB came to be! 
I'm a total fake nerd. I know A LOT about a handful of games and movies, but outside of the things I'm obssessed with, I have no idea what people are talking about. I also want to bring attention that no one ever questions men about their "Nerd knowledge". They just assume since I'm a guy, I know everything on the planet and I'm here to make fun of that.
2. What was your first cosplay?
My VERY first cosplay was a generic soul reaper from Bleach. I bought it on ebay and altered it myself.
3. What is it about cosplay that draws you in?
The people, hands down. Yeah, costumes are awesome and I'm always floored by the talent cosplayers have, but at the end of the day, I just want to party with friends and meet tons of new people at cons. Literally the most important thing to me is connecting with others.
4. Do you ever cosplay anything outside of games like anime or movies?
The only thing I really make costumes of are video-game based things. It's what I'm most passionate about in the "Nerd world" and it takes a lot these days for me to want to work on costumes, so it's almost always gotta be something that I'm super passionate about.
5. What's the craziest thing that's ever happened to you while cosplaying?
I genderbent Rogue from X-Men once and wasn't wearing a dancer's belt and this girl's mom came up to me and after taking a photo, told me that she could see my junk. I was very embarrassed and also slightly weirded out.
6. Do mom and dad approve of your cosplay?
My mom raised me by herself and she thinks what I do is awesome. She's always told me I need to do something creative for a living. She's seriously the strongest woman I've ever met in my life next to Jessica.
7. Where do you see cosplay going now that gaming and eSports is stepping into the lime light?
I think cosplay is kind of kicked into overdrive since the two worlds blend together so well. It's very rare I watch some sort of massive esports tournament without seeing cosplayers there. And you could never go to any convention and NOT see people cosplaying from their favorite games. I love that the two worlds are so comfortably integrated.
8. What's the biggest challenge to you as a cosplayer?
Actually making the costume. I've literally made two costumes in the past year and a half, haha. Finding something that gives me the drive is hard enough but to actually sit down and try to bang it out in a reasonable amount of time is... a chore to say the least. Any cosplayer will know exactly what I'm talking about. That's why we all wait until a week before the con and then want to kill ourselves after we accomplish it.
9. Where is the coolest place around the world that cosplaying has ever taken you?
That's a toughy. I REALLY enjoy Japan. I'd love to live there for a year just to experience it. London is also a blast. Pretty much anywhere that can facilitate a good time with my friends is okie by me. ^_^
10. How old were you when you started cosplay and when did you first realize that you wanted to do it?
 I did my first "cosplay" for Dragoncon in 2011. It was that soul reaper costume. I thought I was gonna be hot shit, then I showed up at the con and realized I was a scrub-lord in comparison to everyone else's creativity and skill.
11. Whats your favorite con and whats your next con?
Absolute two favorite cons are Katsucon and Anime Expo. Katsu is basically a hub for all of the east coast people to meet up and AX is for all the west coast peeps to hang. Again, it's all about the people for me. ^_^
12. What is about the Mainframe brand that made you want to wear our stuff?
I like the simplicity of it. Subtle gaming gear is fantastic and I like that it goes beyond the computer and into a lifestyle category. Makes me happy that a lot of people are thinking outside of that box these days. 

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