Soldier 76 - Custom PC Build - Drew Cook!!

Project Name - We're All Modders Now

1. When did you get into building custom PC's?

Funny enough it actually started with console repair in middle school, I did it as almost like a side hustle to make money repairing them, I didn’t get around to building my first PC until I was 15 or 16. And it wasn’t until I was dead broke and wanted a white case so I busted out some spray paint and made some vinyl stickers in class and made me first “modded” pc with some tacky star wars stickers and a Stormtrooper mask on the front.

2. What was your first build like?

Definitely more functionality over form, the thing was a mess, cheap fans everywhere, non modular psu, no cable management holes, but i didn’t care about that at the time, I was just happy it turned on!

3. What was the first PC game you ever played?

Skyrim and Dark Souls 1, I poured an easy thousand hours into each of these on console so being able to play these with mods and entirely new graphics options allowed me to enjoy the games in a whole new way.

4. Rad Soldier 76 build! What made you choose that toon?

Ironically the thing that made me do this build was the thing people weren’t a big fan of, the power supply cover, I thought about it one day in class and just thought, I have to do a Soldier 76 build now that can incorporate this!

5. Where has your build been featured?

On the Cooler Master Case Mod World Series of 2017, there’s so much talent there it is amazing, to even get half the attention I have gotten for this build would have had made me happy considering how many people have made things that involve so many things that I one day aspire to be able to understand.

6. What was the biggest challenge with this build?

The paint… When the project initially started everything was going to be made with car paint to make it look metallic. However after some plans fell through the floor I was stuck using standard Krylon Spray paint, which turned out okay but there are some areas I’m less than thrilled about.

7. What are the specs on this build?

CPU - i7 6800k @4.6 GHZ

MOBO - EVGA Micro 2

RAM - 32 GB PNY Anarchy RAM

SSD - 240 GB PNY / 1TB Sandisk

HDD - 1TB Western Digital 7200 RPM

GPU - MSI GTX 1080

Case - Cooler Master Mastercase pro 3

PSU - Rosewill 1000w 80 + gold

Cooler - 2x EK 240 mm Rads, 1x 120mm XSPC Rad, all xspc fittings, all EK blocks, all thermaltake Riing fans

8. What is your next build going to be?

I have 3 planned already, the main one being a Lucio build (because that is who I actually play now in Overwatch), and then a Rocket League one and a Scratch build where I manufacture my own case!

9. Which YouTuber do you like better - BitWit or JayzTwoCents?

Going to have to give this one to Jay, he was the one who got me super excited about computers and was the one who motivated me to take the dive into custom watercooling.

10. What Mainframe product would you rock?

Arm sleeves for sure, outside of gaming I can see so many uses for them, I am especially a fan of the Prizm colored sleeves.

Drew Cook 

age - 20

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