Spacestation Gaming Wins Battlerite Pro League at Dreamhack

Spacestation Gaming Wins Battlerite Pro League at Dreamhack

Earlier this month in Jönköping, Sweden, the Elmia Convention Hall became the birthplace of a new world champion. After days of fast-paced, high-energy battles, Spacestation Gaming emerged from the pack as the new Battlerite Pro League Season 1 Champions. For three weeks, teams of all sports competed to claim their respective titles at the Dreamhack Summer 2018 convention, with multiple days of intense matches pitting teams from across the globe against each other in an awesome fight for the title. The event also featured another victory for Spacestation, with Noel cruising to the Brawlhalla title over Boomie and going 13-0 in tournament play.

While Spacestation ultimately dominated the competition over the course of their title run, the path to the Grand Final was no cakewalk. Unlike other battle arena games, Battlerite removes elements of chance and luck to produce skill-dependent games that move at tremendous speed. Matches like these leave little room for error and rely heavily on cohesive team fighting. Luckily for Spacestation, their three-man team of Bloom, Averse, and Proster rarely slips up and punishes their opponents with every opportunity.

Spacestation Gaming Champions

On the first day of matches, Spacestation kicked off the competition with an impressive win over Team XD and would go on to only drop one match in the group stage, losing 3-1 to Red Canids. This loss did little to stop SSG’s momentum in the tournament, as they advanced out of the losers bracket and into the finals. For the first round of the finals, SSG easily dispatched Young Sung en route to their first of two matches against Impact. 

With Proster’s dominant melee skills on display, Spacestation came out victories in the first match against the strong Impact squad that stayed in the game until the very end. The only thing between SSG and the championship title was a Grand Final rematch against team Impact looking to avenge their previous defeat. Spacestation came out strong in the first game, only dropping two rounds, but Impact would have their fiery vengeance with a 5-0 shutout in the second game of the Grand Final. It seemed as though Impact knew all the adjustments to make to secure their victory in the championship, but their clever tactics proved useless against the sheer skill and impeccable team play shown by Spacestation.

With the championship on the line and Spacestation up two games to one, Impact maintained the calm composure they showed throughout the tournament, eventually eliminating Averse, leaving SSG with a 2 vs. 3 deficit. At this point in the round, the commentators and some fans had written this off as an easy Impact win and moved on to the next round. However, the one-two punch and collaboration from Bloom’s support play and Proster’s devastating melee blows turned the tides and pulled out an incredible comeback victory to win the tournament. 

Battlerite Pro League Trophy

When asked about Spacestation’s strategy in the Grand Final Bloom said, “We knew Jamila was really OP still, so keep picking Jamila and hopefully it worked,” referring to Proster’s champion with whom he scored the final kill to win it all. While their championship title declares their greatness to the world, SSG also proved their individual talents are world-class, with Proster showed himself as one of the best melees in the game.

With Battlerite Pro League Season 1 in the books, look forward to Season 2 later this summer, as well as the addition of a brand new Battle Royale mode for Battlerite. The new game mode, called Battlerite Royale, will feature an expanded map with the option to play free-for-all or duos with up to 20 players.

Moving forward, Spacestation will be the team to beat for Battlerite supremacy, and this Pro League win has only boosted SSG’s morale and made them a better unit as a whole. “I couldn't have asked for a better team...Even if we’re down, we just figure it out and move on to the next game,” said Averse about his squad after the victory. As Battlerite evolves and expands into new game modes, it should come as no surprise that Spacestation’s brilliant teamwork and unrivaled skill will carry them to victory no matter what the future holds.