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    News — Compression Gaming Sleeves

    Compression Sleeves for Professional Video Gamers?

    Mainframe Gaming Sleeve

    Just like gaming jerseys, the Mainframe Gaming Sleeve allows you to rep your favorite team, game or event. We set out to disrupt the traditional thinking of merch for your favorite team.

    While watching a League of Legends exhibition match at the Intel Extreme Masters competition, billionaire and entrepreneur, Mark Cuban recently said "You've got to have dexterity, and you've got to be quick. This is a real sport, and people are going to figure it out really, really quick." (source) Very early on in the formation of Mainframe we recognized the parallels between esports and athletic sports.
    We get asked what is the purpose of an arm sleeve. The reason is simple. We wanted to create a product that fit into the category of performance meets style. The idea is for competitive and casual gamers to wear while competing at the highest level of game play or supporting their favorite org or event. 
    Mainframe Gaming Sleeve


    Professional athletes all over the world have been utilizing the benefits of compression wear. Wearing tight, supportive compression during or after sports or weightlifting can apply the kind of pressure that has been proven to cut down on swelling and inflammation. (source).

    Everyday video gamers use their hands and arms when they engage in competitive and recreational gaming. We wanted to create a performance product that aided in keeping blood in the hands and arms all while looking stylish. Thus was born the idea of Gaming Sleeve. It's like a "gaming skin" IRL.

    Mainframe Gaming Sleeve


    For those of you not versed in the lingo of the gaming, a "skin" is a graphic file used to change the appearance of a game character. I own a bunch of skins on my Overwatch, League of Legends and PUBG accounts. It doesn't give me any extra power or abilities, but it sets me apart from other players. 

    The Mainframe Gaming Sleeve has evolved since we first introduced it. We see it as a great way to support your favorite org, event or game. Surely others will try and replicate this idea. But it is part of the Mainframe GG DNA and has been from the very beginning. Mainframe is the Genesis of compression gaming.  

    - Josh

    To learn more about the Mainframe Gaming Sleeves, click here.