The Art of the Gamer Tag

I always thought gamer tags were a little silly, as they were essentially self-endowed nicknames, but as I have been part of gaming and eSports community I find myself calling people by their gamer tag and being called by my gamer tag, as opposed by real names. So what’s in a gamer tag and how does one got about choosing one? 

So let me preface this article by saying that growing up, we had a console as a family. So there was 6 people that all shared said console so we picked a fairly generic gamer tag that we used for everyone that wanted to play online. It wasn’t until about 5 years ago that I had to come up with my own tag, so that is I why I thought gamer tags were silly (because I never had one to call my own). 

 Now back to reason you are here, that gamer tag. So here are a few tips if you are picking your tag for the first time or if you are wanting to change your current tag. 


Pick Something That Has Personal Relevance 

 My gamer tag is CaptKaty. Like I said before, I’ve only recently had to come up with a tag, and it was pretty hard. So I thought about some of the things that I enjoyed doing aside from playing games. One of those things was sailing. I used to be a sailing instructor, so my students would call me captain. But the chances of me getting just captain without a long string of numbers, like captain14356890984553, seemed very unlikely. So then I tried to evolve the name more and remembered a summer I was teaching sailing and we got the task to clean out one of the old storage lockers that rarely get cleaned. While me and my staff were cleaning out the locker, we came across 2 denim life jackets, each with a name inscribed on the breast pocket. The jacket I took and wore for the rest of my years as a sailing instructor was Katy. So I had it, my tag, CaptKaty. 

Pick a Previous Nickname or Inside Joke 

 This one is a little easier, especially if you were given a nickname growing up, or if you were part of an inside joke, that only a few people know about. I knew a guy whose gamer tag was SomethingItchy. It was something of an inside joke growing up, and it was super funny as a gamer tag. Just imagine playing in the heyday of Halo, only to be killed by SomethingItchy.  

Use Your Name or a Variant of Your Name  

If you have a cool first or last name try using that as a gamer tag. It was become very popular among the pro scene of competitive eSports. ZionSpartan changed to use his first name Darshan. iNcArNaTiOn changed to use his last name Jensen. WizFujiiN changed to use his first name to Apollo. I have a friend whose gamer tag is his last name Corkill. My brother’s gamer tag is a combination of some letters from each of us siblings names. 


In summary, just pick a name that is fun and has some relevance to you. Try saying the name out loud a few times to see if you would be comfortable having people call you that in public (because believe me, you tend to be called by your gamer tag a lot more often than you would expect). Also know that if you don’t like it, most platforms allow to you change your name, without having to create new account. Some platforms allow an infinite number of free changes, while others have some small (in-game or monetary) cost to change your name.  



 Kye "CaptKaty" Browning