Rebrand: The Mainframe Badge Logo Concept & Story

Rebrand: The Mainframe Badge Logo Concept & Story

Mainframe was founded by Josh Chavez and Chandler McFarland way back in 2015—the year of SK Telecom T1 winning the LCS, Halo 5: Guardians, and the Rocket League takeover

As gamers we are constantly looking for an level up in our image. The Mainframe brand is maturing into our true form. WIth that being said, we think its time for an upgrade.


Symbol/Badge - (RETIRED)

The historic logo was part of a community of esports. The logo is a badge in 2D shape to represent Competitive, Casual Retro Gaming and On and Off Stage culture. Also it clear the M & F inside the badge.

We built the Mainframe brand for both on and off the stage players. we are inspired by Casual gamers and pro esports enthusiasts alike, we are recognised world wide as a core streetwear brand for gamers. We are a type of clothing to game in your  room and explore the streets.


Mainframe | The Meta Esports Clothing Brand For Ultimate Gamers

Symbol/Badge - (ACTIVE)

The R2.0 badge has leveled into a new RANK.

We have updated the logo to define the M and F in the badge of RANK. After 3 years our brand has evolved into a world class esports brand. We are pioneers of competitive wear for professional esports players doemstically and internationally. We are working along side Esports and Gaming entertainers to push the envelope for our lifestyle. We have big plans for 2019, stay tuned.