University of Utah - Crimson Gaming

University of Utah - Crimson Gaming

Overwatch, League of Legends, CS Go and even board / card games were all played at the Winter Tavern Festival. We showed up to experience the fun and to support the UofU Crimson gaming's eSports team and campus gamers.

Crimson Gaming University Of Utah eSports

If you don't know much about University of Utah, you should know this, they are rated as the number one school in the nation for game development degrees (eae program) and their love for campus gaming is strong. 

The team over there, headed up by Angie Klingsieck, are all stars, true gamers and have a passion for the love that we all share - gaming and eSports! Check out the spotlight video below on Angie and Crimson gaming.  

We are excited to continue to support Crimson Gaming and collegiate eSports teams around the nation. 

GG - Josh