UVU eSports Opening Social

UVU eSports Opening Social
Collegiate esports teamed up with tespa, mainframeusa, blizzard
A couple of weeks back we went to support one of our local University eSports socials. Here at Mainframe we are proud to support the people pioneering these great programs. eSports is on the rise, especially at the collegiate level, and it's exciting for us to participate in these events. We keep talking about how we wished we would have had these opportunities when we were in college. 
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Imagine you and some of your best friends getting together on a Friday night to play games with other gamers in one big room all on the same LAN. Music playing over the loud speakers, good food and plenty of tasty drinks. The vibe is good and the energy high, you get to make new friends or keep to yourself while feeling the energy around you - which ever you prefer. It makes for a memorable night and these LAN's, with time, will only attract more and more gamers.
It is exciting to witness the evolution of gaming and eSports. We could have never imagined that one day major universities would be supporting video gamers (remember we were suppose to be the slackers), even offering scholarships to have them play at their schools. We all come from different backgrounds and walks of life, but the one thing that ties us together is our passion for gaming. That's what Mainframe the brand is all about. Special thanks to Kye, aka CaptKaty, for the invitation and for supporting gamers and our brand at the UVU eSports Open Social. There are more to come and we will be there to support. GG