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    GIVEAWAY: Win Skinz - 8-Bit Gaming Sleeve

    Giveaway Unlocked

    Product: Mainframe Skinz - 8-Bit Camo

    Rules: There are 4 ways to enter. The rules are simple, time to win...

    Dossier: Take control of your game play with the Mainframe Skinz - gaming compression sleeve. Built to give your game play a unique style, while providing comfort and compression. 


    gaming arm sleeve

    Now is your chance to win our new 8-Bit Gaming Sleeve. Create your own identity.

    The Rise of Mainframe

    Back in 2010 I started playing season one of a lesser known online RTS called League of Legends. You’ve heard of it, it’s one of the biggest and most played PvP games in the world. I have played video games all my life, as I am sure the majority of you have. While I was physically athletic, I always had a love for video games. It was not until I was exposed to competitive gaming that I began to understand the profound impact that gaming had spawned throughout the world.

    In fact In 2012 I went to The Staples Center in LA and experienced it first hand. It was the League of Legends World Championship - Taipei Assassins vs Azubu Frost. The Staples Center was packed full. It was something similar to the NBA finals, a capacity crowd. They even had free body painting inspired by characters from the game. As I was sitting there, I had the realization that this was more than a pastime, more than a hobby, more than a game. I was experiencing what it was to be submerged in a world of people that had a real love and passion for this sport, well eSports, just like me. It was clear to me then that eSports would become one of the biggest sports in the world. This is when the idea for Mainframe came to me.

    2012 League of Legends World Championship. Staples Center, LA

    You see the common stereotype has been that all video gamers are just nerds and geeks with bad hygiene and thick prescription glasses. The truth is far different and my experience at the League world championship confirmed that. We are guys and girls, football and basketball players, surfers, skaters, artists, musicians, programmers, teachers, lawyers, doctors, military and law enforcement. The list goes on. We come from all walks of life and that inspired me.

    I worked for Skullcandy headphones, and later for Stance socks. Those experiences helped me to create a brand that celebrates gaming and eSports. The Mainframe brand is like a badge of honor, that silently pays tribute to video gaming as a major influence on our lives.

    Gaming gives us a unique perspective on life that is competitive, immersive and thrilling. Mainframe represents video game culture, music and art and celebrates the uniqueness of who we are. Join the movement. Level with us.

    PS - That body paint took hours to wash off.

    Josh Chavez

    Mainframe: The Gamer's Brand

    Clothes don't just cover our backs, they express who we are. We come from all walks of life but we share the common bond that gaming is more than just a play style, its a lifestyle.